Maple Syrup Demonstrates Promise in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Disclaimer: The findings discussed are lab based and further studies need to be done.

Did you know that maple syrup extract can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD)? AD is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes amnesia. It has been reported that prevalence rates of AD are expected to triple by 2050, although, scientists have not yet found a cure for AD, there is a good way to prevent it; in their findings, they reported that the consumption of plants, fruits, and vegetables high in antioxidants can help prevent suffering from AD.

In this study, scientists evaluated the neuroprotective properties of maple syrup extract in order to determine if it could reduce inflammatory and oxidative effects in brain cells that cause AD.

During this research, scientists analyzed all the different properties that make up maple syrup and they study the different effects these properties had to protect the brain, for example, antioxidative effects.  

Maple syrup demonstrates great promise in the prevention of AD. This research opens the door to further studies on their findings and find a way to use maple syrup extract as an AD prevention treatment.

Reference: Ma, H.; DaSilva, N.; Liu, W.; Nahar, P.P., Wei, Z.; Liu, Y.; Pham, P.T.; Crews, R.; Vattem, D.A.; Slitt, A.L.; Shaikh, Z.; Seeram, N.P. Effects of a standardized phenolic-enriched maple syrup extract on b-amyloid aggregation, neuroinflammation in microglial and neuronal cells, and b-amyloid induced neurotoxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans, Neurochemical Research, 2016, 41, 2836-2847.