Accelerated B.S. to M.S. Program (ABM)


Admission Requirements

For admission to the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s (ABM) program in Nutrition, current undergraduate NFS students at URI must have:
1) Earned a minimum of 75 credits toward their Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Nutrition or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Dietetics degree, and
2) Have a current 3.2 GPA or higher overall, with the following breakdown:

  • a minimum 3.0 GPA in the required science courses,
  • a minimum 3.2 GPA in the required NFS courses, and
  • no less than a C in any class.

3) 2-4 letters of recommendation (1 from M.S. major professor) and
4) completed at least 3 credits of NFS 491 by end Fall semester third year

You must have completed at least 75 credits, including all of the following, by the end of Fall semester of the third year:

  • BIO 110/103: Foundations of Biology/Lab
  • BIO 220/221: Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab
  • BIO 222/223: Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab
  • CHM 103/105: General Chemistry/Lab
  • CHM 124/126: Introduction to Organic Chemistry/Lab
  • CMB 210: Biochemical Aspects of Nutrition and Physiology
  • NFS 210: Applied General Nutrition
  • NFS 212G: Public Health Nutrition
  • NFS 394: Nutrition in the Life Cycle I
  • NFS 395: Nutrition in the Life Cycle II
  • NFS 491: Special Projects – One full semester of experience (3 credits) in the future M.S. major professor’s research laboratory

Apply for the Program

How to Apply

  1. Identify a faculty member you would like to conduct research with. The required NFS 491 research experience should be completed with this professor, prior to application.  This professor must submit a letter of support for your application to the ABM.
  2. Contact Kathleen Melanson, Graduate Program Director, to discuss your interest in the ABM program. Have your most recent transcripts prepared for this meeting.
  3. Submit an online application to the URI Graduate School and proceed to GradCas to apply.  Please refer to the Graduate School description of the application process for information on the University’s application deadlines.
    1. Your application must include:
      1. 2-4 letters of recommendation (including 1 from your major professor for M.S. degree)
      2. Unofficial transcripts
      3. A program of study draft prepared with your future M.S. major professor to ensure you will graduate with your B.S. and M.S. on time
      4. Personal Statement
      5. CV/Resume

If Accepted

You will apply for the program in the Fall semester of your third year, and will be notified of acceptance by the end of the Spring semester of your third year. Your student status will officially change from undergraduate to graduate after completion of the B.S. degree requirements. Students will be admitted to the M.S. degree contingent on meeting the M.S. in Nutrition admission requirements.