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  • Blue Economy Career Exploration Fair - NOAA’s Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) will be hosting its 3rd annual Blue Economy Career Exploration Fair.
  • Deep-sea study fleet taking shape at URI - KINGSTON, R.I. – Jan. 23, 2024 – A trip to the deep floor of the ocean is somewhat akin to going to the moon. Like the landers on the moon, a benthic lander can make it happen, just a little closer to home.
  • Deep-Sea Pioneers Take Root in the Gulf of Mexico - August 9, 2023 A curious conveyor has been at work in the Gulf of Mexico this summer, busily shuttling pieces of vividly colored, fan-like corals to new homes on the deep seafloor.
  • Oceanography, Meet Big Data - By Ellen Liberman It took $3 billion dollars, 13 years and a score of universities and research centers in six countries to sequence nearly the entire human genome.
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