Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Orpheus: A lightweight, cost-effective AUV designed for use in the deepest trenches of the ocean.
Photo courtesy of WHOI.

In order to complete its work of mapping and exploring the global ocean, especially the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), OECI utilizes state of the art technologies including those listed below. OECI also works to expand the capabilities of these technologies…

University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography

Ocean Exploration Trust

Remotely Operated Vehicle Hercules on the deck of Exploration Vessel Nautilus. Photo courtesy of OET.

University of Southern Mississippi (associated with Gulf Shore Research Labs)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle Nereid Under Ice. Photo courtesy of WHOI.

University of New Hampshire, Under the Center for Ocean Mapping and NOAA-UNH Joint Hydrographic Center

Unmanned Surface Vehicle DriX. Image courtesy of UNH/OET.

3D Models of Vehicles used on various OECI projects

(Models provided by Ocean Exploration Trust and posted to Sketchfab with permission)