Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Online)

The Graduate Certificate in Data Science is taught by faculty and practitioners from multiple, interdisciplinary departments across the University of Rhode Island. Coursework will provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills of modern techniques used in data science, including machine learning, data management, analysis of large and varied datasets, ethical considerations, and visualization for effective decision-making and communication about data. 

This gateway certificate is delivered in asynchronous online, seven-week modules that allows for flexibility to fit your schedule, and the four 3-credit courses can be completed in just over 2 semesters.

Data managers, analysts, visualizers, engineers, and more are employed across industries including technology, marketing and communications, finance, insurance, government, healthcare, human services, retail, manufacturing, and higher education.

Each course is 3 credits:

DSP 552: Computer-based Data Exploration 

Basic methods and tools needed for data acquisition, cleaning, and aggregation. Measures of data integrity and consistency are determined. Computer-based systems and methods for data storage, retrieval, manipulation, and display are explored.

DSP 553: Mathematical Methods for Data Science 

This course covers a wide range of mathematical tools from Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Probability Theory that arise in Data Science. Each mathematical construct is accompanied by examples of its use in solving practical problems in Data Science.

DSP 555: Multivariate Statistical Learning for Data Science 

Multivariate data organization and visualization, multivariate distributions, tests of hypotheses on mean vectors, multivariate regression and classification, penalized regression, tree-based methods, principal component analysis, clustering, cross-validation, and bootstrapping.

DSP 556: Machine Learning for Data Science 

Introduction to machine learning methods focusing their application to solve real-world problems. Survey of traditional and newly developed machine learning techniques from an applied perspective, with emphasis on applications to a variety of domains.

**URI Online Certificate in Data Science Prep Course

URI has partnered with DataCamp to offer applicants a voluntary prep course prior to starting the graduate certificate program. The content covers introductory topics to better prepare students for the required certificate courses. Once admitted students have the option to take this course for free.

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