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Qualified Online and Blended Faculty

In accordance with NEASC standards, the Joint Committee on Online and Distance Learning passed a set of guidelines to determine qualifications for faculty to teach online.

Online Education, a division of the Office for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning offers an Online Pedagogy Competency course (OP) each semester and a self-paced Basic Sakai Training. In December of 2013, our Basic Sakai Competency course became a prerequisite for OP. Currently, over 300 faculty members have completed the Sakai training course.

Faculty also have the option of testing out of our training by completing a course review through Quality Matters. For more information, please go to our Quality Matters Peer Review Process page.

We have compiled a list of graduates from OP listed by college. A “p” next to a name indicates they completed training in online pedagogy and are prepared to teach a course online. A “p&d” next to their name indicates they completed training in both pedagogy and course design and are able to design and teach online courses.

Additionally, in 2018, we launched a Blended Teaching and Learning initiative, to increase the number of qualified blended faculty. During a 4-week, blended workshop, faculty focus on best practices in blended pedagogy and course design, culminating in a blended course map and Sakai site.

**Note: This page was last updated: May 2018

Table 1: Qualified Online Faculty by College

College OP (p) OP (p&d)
Arts and Sciences 131 83
Business Administration 25 11
Continuing Education 2 2
Education & Professional Studies 11 8
Engineering 8 4
Environmental & Life Sciences 8 4
Health Sciences 39 17
Nursing 17 14
Oceanography 3 1
Pharmacy 4 2
University College 5 3
University Library 4 3
Schmidt Labor Research Center 1 0
Student Support Offices 3 2
Total 261 154


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