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Parking Violations and Penalties


University of Rhode Island Police and Campus Patrol Persons are the eyes and ears of Parking Services. By monitoring areas across campus, they help to ensure the availability of parking and the safety of those entering and exiting campus lots by upholding University parking regulations. Each day our officers strive to meet each of the following goals:

  • Prevent traffic and safety hazards caused by improperly parked vehicles.
  • Maintain access to buildings, fire hydrants, and other campus facilities.
  • Assist in providing parking for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to campus.
  • Provide information on parking regulations and available parking options to those attempting to enter campus parking areas.


Below is a list of parking regulations that will be enforced by the University of Rhode Island Police and Parking Services personnel.  All violations will have an $85 fine payable to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.  For non-registration (no URI permit) a University Citation with a $50 fine for a first violation will be issued.  If the vehicle is registered (purchase of a URI “semester” or “annual” Parking Permit only) within five business days of the offense, the $50 fine will be waived.  The citation must be returned to the Parking & Transportation Services office to have the fine voided.  The violation of failing to display a permit will carry a $20 fine for the first offense.  Subsequent offenses for non-registered and failing to display will be subject to an $85 fine payable to RITT.

  1.  No Parking area (posted/marked) (i.e. overnight parking prohibited)  note:  parking is not permitted on Flagg Road between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am.
  2.  Non-registration or not displaying a current URI parking permit/decal when required
  3.  In an area or parking lot without the proper permit (i.e. student parked in a staff lot during reserved hours)
  4.  Blocking/obstructing (ramps, travel lanes, access ways, entrances, gates, parking areas, dumpsters and loading areas)
  5.  Driving or parking on areas not designated for vehicles (grass, landscape, sidewalks, walkways)
  6.  Parking overtime in timed spaces
  7.  Not parked within a marked space
  8.  Blocking snow removal/parking during a snow ban
  9.  Parking in a fire lane
  10.  Parking within 8 feet of a hydrant
  11.  Parked in reserved spaces (i.e. electric vehicles, motorcycles, motor scooters, service vehicles, rental vehicles) or any space signed with reserved parking or temporarily reserved by  public safety or their designee
  12.  Displaying stolen, forged or altered permit or fraudulent use of a permit

Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal tickets are payable by mail.  Follow the directions on the ticket for the appeals process.

Visitors who receive a parking citation for “No Permit” may have the fine excused by contacting Parking Services and establishing their visitor status.

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