College of Pharmacy
High School Day

Avedisian Hall, URI Kingston Campus
Friday, November 12, 1-3pm

All students with an interest in Pharm.D. or Pharmaceutical Sciences are welcome!

Visit the college and participate in a range of hands on events. Interact with students and faculty and learn the role of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. 

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Experience Patient Simulation

See out physiological-based high-fidelity simulators in action.            



Explore Research

Talk to faculty and find out about the opportunities to participate in research.


Visit IV Prep

Learn about sterile product formulation and technique in our lab teaching space.

Community first responders

Learn about Narcan

Narcan, a truly life saving drug, learn what it is and how it is used. 

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Explore your potential at the College of Pharmacy

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Hands on with VR & 3D Modeling


Explore Clinical Skills

Interactive student pharmacist led demonstrations/simulations of blood pressure, immunizations and CPR


Explore our Medicinal Garden

Talk to students and faculty about how this resource is used throughout the BSPS and PharmD curriculum.