Accelerated Pharm.D./M.S.

We offer an Accelerated joint program that allows you the opportunity to pursue the Master of Science degree while studying for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. You may elect to study in any one of the four specialization areas described in the graduate program.

Complete a Masters in Pharmaceutical Science within a year of your Pharm.D.

One-third of the M.S. courses can count toward both degrees.

Our Pharmaceutical Sciences Program develops researchers and intellectual leaders who will add to scientific knowledge through the discovery of novel drugs and chemicals, uncovering novel molecular mechanisms of disease, drugs, and toxicities, understanding the processes that contribute to drug disposition and elimination, and identifying factors which contribute to health outcomes.

You will complete our program with a solid foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences, having completed coursework in pharmacology, toxicology, medicinal chemistry, or health outcomes, as well as gaining significant experience through hands-on laboratory or experiential training.  Our graduates are employed in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, the health sector, insurance and health benefit management companies, and governmental agencies.

This program is for you if you are a highly-qualified and motivated student who is interested in simultaneously pursuing the Pharm.D. and M.S. degrees. One third of the M.S. credits can count towards both degrees.

Learn more about the Accelerated Pharm.D./M.S. by contacting Dr. Aisling Caffrey.

Program Coordinator / Academic Advisor

Associate Professor, Health Outcomes

Office: 265B