Sustainable Landscapes

Our primary focus is on turfgrass management, disseminating knowledge about sustainable practices, and the importance of native plants for pollinator-friendly landscapes.

Our work focusses on sustainable landscape management through the maintenance of habitat for pollinators, and contributing to horticultural knowledge in the community. We share research on wild plants ecology, plant propagation, arboriculture, landscape plants, and field botany and taxonomy with the local community through the URI Cooperative extension as well as through collaborative programs with local nurseries and landscape associations.


Our turfgrass pest management focuses on pests of both golf courses and sod farms, in response to local and national problems. We work to develop biological methods for managing major turfgrass insect pests economically, with minimal impact on the environment. Assistance with lawn care questions is available through our gardening and environmental hotline, a service provided through the URI Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program.

Native plants

We work with agencies, businesses and researchers throughout New England to increase use of native plants in landscaping, particularly in low maintenance locations such as roadsides.

Community outreach and labs


Professor and Chair