Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

Multicultural Consultation Team

Who are we?

  • The Multicultural Consultation (MCC) Team is composed of faculty and graduate students in the Department of Psychology at the University of Rhode Island.

What is our mission?

  • To cultivate an inclusive community and support students, faculty, and staff as they build knowledge and implement multiculturalism into their work.
  • To assist in facilitating the conduct of culturally-informed, inclusive, and equitable research, teaching, service, and clinical practice.

What services do we provide?

  • Teaching (e.g., review of syllabi, input on best classroom practices)
  • Research (e.g., recruitment strategies, selection of psychological or cognitive tests and questionnaires)
  • Practice (e.g., culturally competent best practices, suggestions for culturally competent training opportunities, working with interpreters in mental health settings)
  • Supervision (e.g., culturally competent supervision, cultural differences in supervisory relationships)
  • Mentorship (e.g., power differentials, recruitment and retention of diverse students)
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