The mission of the University of Rhode Island’s Substance Abuse Prevention Services is to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of our community, provide education and resources to individuals and groups, empower students to make healthy choices, encourage environments conducive to academic success, and continually monitor, measure and improve our approaches to increase safety and reduce risks for members of our university community.

Recognizing that not everyone who abuses alcohol or other drugs necessarily requires or desires treatment, Substance Abuse Prevention Services offers resource materials and information to help students make educated choices.

In-service trainings, early intervention programs, consultations, and alcohol awareness workshops are offered to all students and staff on request.

Substance Abuse Prevention Services offers a variety of workshops for classes, residence halls, Greek houses, or special training. Workshops can be customized to meet the specific needs of group, class or organizational needs. Workshop leaders take a non-judgmental approach to give students an opportunity for self-evaluation and skills development. The workshops stress harm reduction, moderations skills and correction of misperception regarding the amount of high risk use.

To schedule a workshop call 874-5073.

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