Be Ready For Ticks!

Connect with a TickExpert the moment you need one

You’re standing at the start of a trail and the sign says –

What should you do?

There are a few, simple things you CAN do right in this moment to better protect yourself, your family and your pets from tick bites. And, there are several best practice actions to take once you get home, or if you do find a tick, and also before going on your next outside adventure to maximize your protection. If the sign you see looks like this one, you can find out what to do with a simple smartphone click on the QR code.

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RIGHT NOW … 3 actions to reduce tick risk

JUST GOT HOME … more steps to reduce tick risk

FOUND A TICK … now what? Follow best practices!

GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN … Be ready for ticks!

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About Be Ready For Ticks!

We’re proud to be joined by one of our partners, Mainely Ticks, in providing easy, anytime access to simple, practical ways for taking action to prevent tick bites. We welcome others with the same goal to join this exciting QR-driven campaign.