Resident Student Parking Permits

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Transportation & Parking Updates

URI Transportation and Parking wants to make sure you are prepared and informed about permits.

On-Campus Resident and Greek & Special parking availability is limited and is offered on a first-come first-served basis.

All cars on campus MUST have a valid permit to park AT ALL TIMES. Parking will be strongly enforced in all other lots during these times.

Residents with a vehicle, must have a valid permit and park in the lot/area always designated for their permit. At no time can residents park anywhere else on campus except for authorized metered lots/spaces with payment.

Please view the campus map here for all available student lots.

Loading and unloading your car at or near your dorm is allowed only in a legal parking spot or curbside for 15 mins or less with your flasher lights on. You cannot obstruct traffic, park on the grass, sidewalks, service vehicle or handicapped spots or will be subject to receiving a ticket.

Resident students who require an occasional permit may purchase a day pass for $8 and park in KEANEY LOT ONLY.

Parking permits are virtual. URI uses license plate recognition to verify registered vehicles. Please park with your license plate facing outward, and be sure that it isn’t obstructed by license plate covers, stickers, or debris. You are responsible to keep your license plate updated PRIOR to parking on campus in order to avoid receiving a ticket.

Please click on the ORDER YOUR PARKING PERMIT button below.

You don’t need a campus parking permit to have easy access to your car! Park for free at the Wickford Junction Garage (20 minutes away).  All students have access to purchase discounted RIPTA passes at 50% off, available for purchase at the Campus Store, in the Lower levels in the Memorial Union.

First-year students living on campus are not eligible to purchase a resident parking permit to park their vehicle on campus, however students can use off campus satellite parking options which are available to all of our students.

Parking is enforced 24/7 and all vehicles must have an active permit and park in their designated lots AT ALL TIMES except Friday 5pm- Sunday 5pm in KEANEY LOT ONLY.  Parking will be strongly enforced in all other lots during these times.  Students may occasionally purchase a ‘day pass’ for one-day on-campus parking for Keaney Lot only.

Residents who obtain a parking permit by providing falsified information, as well as students who attempt to purchase a permit for another student, will have future parking privileges revoked and may face judicial action. 

On-Campus Resident and Greek and Special parking availability is limited and is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Resident parking lots are marked in blue on the Kingston campus map

Parking Permit Rates

Permit Type Cost
Resident Permit
Semester Resident Permit $180
Academic Year Resident Permit $290
Per Semester Greek/Special $180
Academic Year Greek/Special $290
Commuter Permit
Per Semester Commuter Permit $135
Academic Year Commuter Permit $215
Carpool Permit
Academic Year Permit (3+ commuters) $300
Graduate Assistant Permits
Graduate Assistant Per Year (20-hour resident) $75
Graduate Assistant Per Year (10-hour resident) $180
Graduate Assistant Per Semester (20-hour commuter) $0
Graduate Assistant Per Semester (10-hour commuter) $55
One Day Passes (Kingston Campus)
One Day Resident Pass $8
One Day Commuter Pass $6

Your License Plate Is Your Parking Permit

URI uses license plate recognition to verify registered vehicles. Please park with your license plate facing outward, and be sure that it isn’t obstructed by license plate covers, stickers, or debris. It is imperative to keep your license plate updated to avoid receiving a ticket. 

If you have a symbol in your plate, enter the plate number without the symbol. For disabled license plates, enter “DV” or “DP” before the plate number. For example: DPSAMPLE

Order Your Parking Permit


Information You’ll Need

You’ll need your single sign-on credentials to login. To register your vehicle, you’ll need its license plate number, make, and model. If you qualify for an exemption, please fill out the form here.  Please make sure all documentation is dated no earlier than July 1, 2024.  

Avoid a Ticket

  • Your license plate must be visible at all times. Pulling through or backing into parking spaces is no longer permitted. 
  • Take extra care to accurately enter your license plate number when purchasing your permit through
  • Park in your designated lot (even on the weekends).
  • Purchase your permit before bringing your car on campus.
  • Never park on hash lines or in a fire lane only park in a designated parking lot (between two white lines, not on hash lines or in. the dirt/grass)

What to do if you get a parking ticket.

Keep Your Vehicle Information Current

It is important that your vehicle information is up-to-date. If you get a new vehicle or your license plate number changes, update it at If you bring a different vehicle to campus, you must update your vehicle information BEFORE bringing that car to campus.  Failure to do so, will result in a $10 fine.

Students may register one vehicle at a time.

Accessible Parking

A copy of your disability placard along with the registration showing ownership should be forwarded to the Transportation and Parking office in-person, mailed, or emailed. 

ADA Placard is valid in: 

  • any ADA space on campus
  • any regular, non-reserved space in any student lot

The state-issued placard should be displayed from your rearview mirror. 

New documentation must be provided when the ADA placard expires.  

Temporary Parking Accommodations

Please note that neither the URI Transportation and Parking office, nor the Office of Human Resources Administration, nor the Office of Disability, Access, and Inclusion can allow or provide access to the public accessible parking spaces on campus. Only your state’s department/registry of motor vehicles can provide disability placards, which when paired with a URI guest pass allow parking in accessible parking areas. If you have a disability placard, please contact our office to add it to your guest pass. With a
placard assigned to you and a valid URI permit or pass, you can park in any accessible parking space on campus. For additional information about state-issued Disability Placards, visit this website.

Qualified individuals with disabilities with specific parking needs that may not be met by access to public ADA-compliant parking spaces must engage in the interactive process by contacting one of the divisions below:

Employees: Office of Human Resources Administration.
Students: Office of Disability, Access, and Inclusion.

For further information on compliance with the Americans with
Disabilities Act at the University of Rhode Island, please click here.

Parking Permit Refunds

Permit refunds will be issued only upon withdrawal from the University or to resident students who become commuter students. Members of Graduate Assistants United (GAU) who are hired after the start of the semester will be refunded a prorated amount based on their hire date. All refunds will be made net of an administrative fee of $10.

Please review the Parking Permit Refunds for additional information. 

Need Help?

If you are unable to log in, please contact the URI Help Desk at 401-874-4357, Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please call Transportation and Parking at 401-874-9281.