Classroom training videos

For medical reasons, we will once again have to do our classroom training online in 2023.  These videos are each about 15 minutes or less in duration, and designed to be viewed in the order presented here. Please contact Elizabeth if you have any questions about the topics presented here or about becoming a volunteer water quality monitor. Following completion of the online classroom portion of the training, please review the field training videos. If you feel comfortable with learning how to complete those procedures, and it is April (when our field training takes place and we’ll have monitoring equipment available), please contact us to make arrangements to come participate in a field session where you will get your supplies or we can put you in contact with a local coordinator in order to determine a good site for you. 

For field training sessions, volunteers are provided with written manuals that are yours to keep. Monitoring techniques are demonstrated, then volunteers practice the procedures until they are comfortable. After learning all of the procedures required for your site, you will be sent home with your monitoring supplies, or the contact information of your monitoring partner with whom you’ll share equipment (sorry – only 1 set per site). We will be setting up field sessions on a series or Saturdays in April  – participation in only one required. Additional sessions may be added if needed.

2023 New Volunteer Training Online Videos (click on the blue text to launch):

Please complete the Volunteer Confirmation form to let us know whether you plan to participate in a field training session or not by clicking here.

We’ll also need a Volunteer Waiver form completed, but we’ll get you a paper copy of that when we do the field training, and get you your monitoring manual and other materials.