Providing information on the water quality of surface water resources throughout Rhode Island

Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, CUSH Saturday sites July water collection is July 10 – 13, 2024. A cooler will be in the hallway and replacement bottles on the shelves to the right starting Wednesday.

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Our new volunteer training has completed for the 2024 monitoring season. There are limited opportunities to get trained for this season, But check out to learn more. And contact us for more information.

Hydrilla reported in RI for the first time – see for more details. Watershed Watch helped the community to map it. Infestations at two other lakes (Mishnock and Worden Pond) have been reported since (heavy sigh!).

Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers, supporters and sponsors for helping get our 2024 monitoring season underway!

Excited to see Chronicle, a Boston TV program that shares information about area communities and experiences will broadcast and stream “Main Streets and Back Roads of Rhode Island” featured the Narrow River Wednesday, July 26, 2023! Click here for links to the archived streams.

RI Department of Environmental Management has posted updated maps of sites with aquatic invasive plants and Asian clams.

Wet, warm weather like we are experiencing often leads to harmful algal blooms  To learn more these blooms or current advisories posted to warm of potential harm if you swim in a particular place, check out our HABs resource page.

Photo of E.Torello on Potter Pond in South Kingstown, RI; photo by B. McCusker


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