Annual data are provided in CSV files, which are used by a wide variety of analytical software. Simply click on the year’s data wanted and the CSV file will automatically download. 

Click here for site info – including site ID number (WW###), location name, latitude and longitude, HUCs and more. That file will be critical for mapping or other data uses.

You can download historic data in .csv files:

All Data:
1988-Lakes1988-Rivers1988-All1989-Lakes1989-Rivers1989-All1990-Lakes1990-Rivers1990-All19911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201420152016-Block Island 2016-Salt Ponds201620172018-Block Island  – 2018-CUSH  –  2018-NIT  –  2018-Narrow River –  2018-Salt Ponds2018-STB-NB2018-STB-SC2018-WPWA2018-WRWCOther 20182018-All2019 –  2020  –  2021

Looking for ALL of the URI Watershed Watch data in a single LARGE file? Here you go: 1988-2021

***Please acknowledge the use of Watershed Watch data in all reports, assessments or others uses. Our volunteers and staff work hard to produce credible water quality monitoring information and deserve recognition. We’d also appreciate hearing from you about how you are using the data. It helps us to better understand data needs and gaps, as well as for assessing the impact of this extensive and comprehensive data set.