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Volunteer requirements

  • Water quality monitoring requires a time commitment of one to two midday hours per week. Volunteers choose the day of the week that is most convenient for them.
  • The monitoring season extends from late April to October, and generally can not be started mid-season. 
  • Access to a canoe, kayak, or boat is essential for lake and pond monitoring since volunteers must provide the means to get to their monitoring locations, which are typically the deepest part of the lake, or mid-stream for rivers.
  • Volunteers do not need any prior experience in water quality monitoring.  New volunteers must attend classroom and field training, usually in April.

Monitoring sites 

We work with local organizations to identify monitoring sites (click here for a list of our current sites). Our goal is to have a minimum of three sites per watershed or system to get a fuller understanding of impacts to a particular area. We also ask for a commitment of at least three years for new sites (although the people monitoring may change year-to-year) so that weather variations and other natural background “noise” can be reduced when assessing conditions. These criteria mean that the stream or small pond in your backyard may not be a site for which we are seeking volunteers, but we are happy to discuss it with you. 

To become a volunteer, please fill out an submit this form and we will follow-up with you:

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