Monitoring Schedules

Monitor on the same day each week between
10 AM and 2 PM, weather permitting

Rivers/Streams/Coastal Ponds:
Monitor every two weeks between
6 AM and 9 AM, weather permitting

Water Collection Days:
Lakes/Ponds/Reservoirs – collect samples between
10 AM and 2 PM, earlier is better
Rivers/Streams/Coastal Ponds – collect samples associated with low tide – please see the schedule for collection times

  • After collection, immediately bring the water samples and any accumulated chlorophyll filters in a cooler with ice to the URI Watershed Watch cart at the loading area of the  Coastal Institute in Kingston, URI (directions here).
  • Call 401-874-2905 if you must reschedule delivery of your samples and filters.  If you need to reschedule, we prefer that you sample earlier than the scheduled collection. 
  • When noted on the schedule, also bring in the specified kit for quality control (QC) testing.
  • Remember to mail in your monitoring postcard after each monitoring session. Or enter the data online and bring the postcard with your water samples to the next collection.
  • Have a great and SAFE monitoring season!

2024 Schedules (see updated schedules below (more soon)!)

Print your schedules from these pdf’s: