WW in the News

Boston’s WCVB Chronicle program’s Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 edition, Main Streets and Back Roads of Rhode Island  featured the Narrow River

Focused on the Narrow River, this edition of the show shared the region’s natural beauty and history, and meets the people who call this area home. They explored the South County Museum, took in a baseball game with the Ocean State Waves of the New England Collegiate Baseball League, fueled up at a classic clam shack – Monahan’s – and made a stop at Allie’s Donuts. 

Veronica Berounsky and Richard Grant, co-Presidents of NRPA, hosted Ted Reinstein and the ABC 5 Boston team on June 12.  Veronica took them on a water tour and we are looking forward to seeing how they captured the beauty of our area. Elizabeth Herron also met with them to discuss how URIWW  volunteers have been integral to understanding and protecting not only Narrow River, but many waterbodies throughout Rhode Island and adjacent areas. 

The program broadcast (7/26/23 at 7:30 pm on WCVB/Boston) and was archived on their YouTube site, links below: