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Make-Up Exams
Each faculty member determines their own policy on make-up exams. This policy should be outlined in your course syllabus. If your instructor offers make-up exams, you may be able to take a missed exam in the Academic Testing Center. To be eligible, you must be absent from the regularly scheduled exam for a University approved excused absence. These include religious observances, death in the family, medical emergency, and attendance at University sanctioned events (click here for the University policy on absences).  All questions should be directed to faculty.

If you have a Letter of Accommodation through Disability Services providing for extended time or reduced distraction testing in your courses you are eligible to take your exam at the Academic Testing Center. The ATC is also able to proctor exams for students with certain other accommodations. Contact us for more information.

Courses at Other Schools
We do not currently offer proctoring services for courses at other institutions taken by URI students. If you need an exam proctored for a non-URI course, the nearest testing center is at CCRI. They offer this service for a fee at all four RI campuses. Contact information for each CCRI testing center is available here.

Students, review the below information before scheduling your exam.

  • Yes. Once your instructor has submitted an exam request form, they will let you know so you can schedule through our online system.

    Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. You must make your appointment within the date range specified by your instructor (these dates will be the only ones you can select on the calendar). If there is no ATC availability during that date range, you must immediately contact your professor to make other arrangements.

    Students are requested to schedule at least 24 hours in advance of their testing appointment time. We are sometimes able to schedule students with less notice, so contact us if you have questions.

  • Yes, you can cancel or reschedule for anytime during the dates your instructor designated for you to take the exam. If it is within 24 hours of your testing appointment, call or email the ATC.

    If it is more than 24 hours ahead of your testing appointment, you can cancel or reschedule online. You will be asked to create a temporary guest account. Directions for this process are on the right sidebar here.

  • Fall 2017
    Testing Hours:

    Monday  10am – 6:50pm
    Tuesday  9am – 3:50pm
    Wednesday  9am – 3:50pm
    Thursday  10am – 6:50pm
    Friday  9am – 11:50am and 1pm – 2:50pm

    Schedule Notes:
    We will run extended hours during Final exams. The schedule for that will be posted by early November.

    • Testing sessions begin on the hour, every hour, during testing hours.
    • Final session of the day is only 50 minutes long.
    • Students taking exams longer than 1 hour can remain in their seats and continue working into the next session.
    • All students in a particular session check-in at the ATC and begin their test at the same time. Because students are taking tests for different courses, they will complete their tests at all different times during the session.

    Students are requested to schedule at least 24 hours in advance of their testing appointment time. We are sometimes able to schedule students with less notice, so contact us if you have questions.

    To schedule your exam, scroll down and hit the Schedule Now button.

    1. Students are required to provide a valid photo ID upon check-in. URI IDs, driver’s licenses, and passports are all accepted. It is helpful to arrive 10 minutes before exam time to allow for the check-in process.
    2. All personal belongings must be left outside the test room. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Backpacks and purses
      • All food and drink including water bottles
      • Pens and pencils (the ATC provides writing instruments)
      • Electronic devices including cell phones, fitbits, smart watches/glasses. Devices must be turned off.  

      There are coat hooks, but no lockers or cubbies. It is strongly advised that students bring nothing to the testing center aside from URI photo ID and any permitted testing materials.

    3. Instructors specify permitted testing materials in their exam submission form to the ATC. Only materials included on that list are permitted.
    4. Students arriving after the testing session start time may be asked to reschedule. This is at the discretion of ATC staff.
    5. ATC staff may assign students to specific seats in the testing room.
    6. Restroom breaks are not permitted, unless previously approved.
    7. Once a testing session has started, students are not permitted to leave the ATC. If a student has to exit the ATC for any reason (including emergencies), the testing session is immediately over and the instructor will be notified. Completion of the test is at the instructor’s discretion.
    8. ATC staff cannot answer questions about exams. If the instructor has given permission, staff can reach out to the instructor by phone so the student can ask any questions. If the instructor is unable to be reached, staff will make a note on the exam indicating an effort was made to contact the instructor. At the discretion of the ATC staff, time may be added to the student’s testing session to accommodate for this process.
    9. Interaction with other testers can result in dismissal.
    10. Camera surveillance is in operation inside the Testing Center.
    11. Faculty will be immediately informed of a suspected academic integrity violation. See additional section on Academic Integrity.
  • In cases of suspected breach of academic integrity, the student will be asked to exit the testing room and will not be permitted to complete the exam. All exam materials and any prohibited materials will be returned to the instructor with an incident report.

    Faculty will immediately be informed of the situation.  Video surveillance footage will be made available to faculty and administrators as necessary and appropriate.

    Academic integrity is outlined in the Student Handbook (p. 12)

Ready to schedule your exam?

  • Read the ATC Policies before proceeding.
  • Once your instructor submits the request, it can take up to one business day for the exam to appear in the drop down list.
  • You must schedule online at least 24 hours in advance of your testing appointment time and space is first-come, first-served. If it is within 24 hours, contact the testing center for assistance.

Schedule Now


For a printable graphic of this process, click here.

  1. Student presents need to faculty
    – Make-up for an excused absence, per URI manual
    – Disability Services approved accommodation

  2. Faculty requests & views documentation
    – Make-up exams: doctor’s note, athletic excuse form, death certificate, or other approved documentation
    – Letter of Accommodation from Disability Services

  3. Faculty submits online request
    – Faculty creates account via link on (this only has to be done one time)
    – Account activated by ATC within 1 business day
    – Faculty submits request via link on
    – Exam will be approved for student registration within 1 business day
    – Faculty tell students to schedule with ATC.
    – Through account, faculty can view submission, upload exam, see students who are scheduled, and more.

  4. Student schedules testing session
    – Schedule online via link on
    – Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    – Must schedule online at least 24 hours in advance of testing appointment time. If within 24 hours, contact ATC for assistance.
    – If there is no available testing session during the date range provided by the instructor, the student must immediately contact their instructor to make alternate arrangements.

  5. Student completes exam at the ATC
    – Faculty receives email regarding completion of exam, prompts them to pick up completed student exam at ATC.

  6. Faculty picks up exam in person
    – ATC staff will check photo ID upon pick-up.
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