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Rights and Responsibilities: Faculty and Students

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty Rights:

  • Determine content of each course, and how it is taught.
  • Decide how to best instruct students and assess student learning.
  • Consult with knowledgeable professionals on methods to accommodate learning needs of students with disabilities.
  • Receive notice of accommodation needs, with reasonable advance notice.
  • Maintain academic standards of courses.
  • Question and negotiate specific accommodations to ensure that they will not change essential requirements of course.
  • Determine grades appropriate to the level of student’s demonstration of mastery of material, with or without disability accommodations.
  • Respectful treatment by all students.
  • Enforce student conduct policies equally for all students.

Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Reasonably accommodate students who provide documentation of a disability through URI Disability Services for Students.
  • Maintain student confidentiality in all environments, particularly in the classroom.
  • Respect student privacy about the disability; discuss only academic performance needs with the student.
  • Address the accommodation letter from Disability Services in a timely manner.
  • Understand policies and laws regarding students with disabilities.
  • Communicate the availability of support for students with disabilities via a syllabus statement and/or by class announcement.
  • Understand that student conduct issues require appropriate counseling, regardless of the presence of a disability.

Student Rights and responsibilities

Student Rights:

  • Nondiscrimination and equal opportunity.
  • Respectful treatment by all university personnel.
  • Equal access to programs services, activities and facilities provided by the University.
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations according to the individual’s disability (i.e. academic adjustment or auxiliary aids, determined on a case-by-case basis using required documentation).
  • Appropriate and reasonable confidentiality of information related to student’s disability.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Disclose the disability and provide current documentation from an appropriate provider to URI Disability Services for Students.
  • Complete the Accommodation Request Form each semester by meeting with advisors in the Disability Services for Students Office.
  • Discuss the Accommodation Letter with each faculty member in advance of the needed accommodation.
  • Make best effort to demonstrate mastery of course material.
  • Meet all program requirements for graduation.
  • Treat all university personnel respectfully.

(Adapted from: http://www.rosscenter.umb.edu/text/sh5.htm#five; AHEAD Guidelines; NASPA Guidelines, URI Policies and Procedures)


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