Harmful algal blooms – Cyanobacteria


15 Melville Upper Pond 070215aFirst 2015 advisory posted for harmful algal bloom in Melville Pond – Portsmouth (image below) (Click here for details).

Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, can form harmful blooms in lakes, ponds, and rivers that make the water cloudy, sometimes even making the water look like pea soup or as if bright green paint has been spilled into the water. Under some circumstances these blooms may produce toxins that could make pets and people sick.

New study confirms that humans are responsible for increased cyanobacteria growth since 1800s…see http://www.fondriest.com/news/study-confirms-humans-responsible-for-increased-cyanobacteria-growth-since-1800s.htm for an overview.

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