Preferred Name Policy

In the Office of Admission at the University of Rhode Island we know how important it is that we are transparent about how and when we will use your preferred name. We want you to feel confident about the information you share with us. Below is a comprehensive list of where your preferred name will be used.

Where the Office of Admission will use your preferred name: 

  • All email communications addressed to you from the Office of Admission
  • All email communications addressed to your parents/supporters from the Office of Admission 
  • Your application decision letter (acceptance, denial, etc.) 
  • All mailed publications 
  • All event based communications, unless you register under another name
  • All text messages
  • In your applicant portal

Where your legal name will be used: 

  • Anywhere in e-Campus unless you change your preferred name in that system (after you enroll at URI)
  • Student accounts
  • Federal records
  • Rhode Share
  • Paychecks and timecards
  • Financial aid communications
  • Responses to enrollment inquiries such as verification requests (unless you have chosen FERPA exclusion)
  • Official transcripts
  • Education teacher certification records, nursing licensure, engineering licensure, pharmacy licensure, and other types of state or federal licensure or certification programs 

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