Students are eligible for graduation upon satisfactory completion of all the academic requirements of their degree program as specified by their major department, the College of the Environment and Life Sciences, and the University. Students with 85+ credits will receive an email in early September of their senior year with information about the relevant graduation processes and deadlines. Any curriculum modification or course substitution forms should be submitted at the same time, if they are not already on file.

Submission timetable

The application opens for May and August in September of the preceding year, and the application for December opens in January.

Application forms

  1. Prepare your Intent to Graduate Application documents, including:
    • Intent to Graduate Application Form,
    • Curriculum sheet–List every completed course by adding the grade or ‘in progress’ designation. All courses should be accounted for. Use your academic requirements page and the Course History section of eCampus as a guide,
    • Minor Form, if applicable, signed by the department chair or faculty advisor,
    • Curriculum Modification/Course Substitution Form , if applicable, signed by the department chair or faculty advisor,
    • Biological Sciences Curriculum Modification Form, if applicable, for students in that department wishing to petition for undergraduate curricular modification.

2. Submit your application documents by October 1 (May and August) and April 1 (December graduation) by uploading the form below

Submit your application

3. Review your audit when you receive it via email to make sure you are taking all courses listed. Downloada copy of your audit to keep for your personal file. Modifications to your audit must be submitted in writing, via email, to your professional advisor. Significant modifications may require your faculty advisor’s approval and signature. Bring a copy of your audit to all advisor meetings.

Your professional advisor will work with you and your faculty advisor to clear up any outstanding issues that may hinder your graduation.

Financial aid

Class year affects financial aid and loan repayment schedules, as well as billing and registration for the following semester. Students can lose their financial aid awards if their graduation date hasn’t been changed on the e-Campus system. It’s important that you tell us your plans because changes to a class year are done manually and are not automatically computer-generated.

If you will not be completing your graduation requirements in four years please turn in a change of graduation date form to 130 CBLS so we can change your class year.

Graduation and Commencement