International Computer Science Program


The ICSP is a dual major or dual degree program, so you will complete a degree in (1) a modern language and (2) either a B.A or a B.S. in Computer Science.

Computer Science Degree

Students who enroll in the ICSP should review the curriculum for their Computer Science B.S. or B.A. and meet with Dr. Jean-Yves Hervé to discuss best way to fulfill the necessary requirements during their semester or year abroad.

Language Degree

The language degree requires 30 credits. There are six languages available for ICSP majors to choose from. You’ll find more information and curriculum requirements for each language below:

You will be required to achieve B2-level (CEFR) or Advanced-Low (ACTFL) language proficiency in your target language to graduate from the program. These are the minimum required language proficiency levels for graduate or professional work in that language.