Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center

Teaching Security for the 21st Century

The University of Rhode Island’s Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center (DFCSC) supports state, national, and international public welfare through education, research, training, and service in forensic investigations and securing information systems. The URI DFCSC is a recognized national leader in providing a strong, cutting-edge, comprehensive program in both fields.

Education and Training

We teach courses in basic and advanced topics of digital forensics and cyber security. We offer undergraduate degrees, graduate certificates, and masters degrees in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Read more.


We perform research to develop new tools and techniques for digital forensics and cyber security investigations. Read more.


We have a state-of-the art lab where we perform digital forensics services for the legal community and support law enforcement agencies in their investigations. We also provide consulting support to Emergency Management and Law Enforcement agencies in providing cyber security protection to the public. Read more.