M.A. with Teacher Certification

School Library Media Specialization

The URI Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (GSLIS) offers a teacher certification program with a specialization in Library Media for graduates of our program with a Master of Library and Information Science degree (MLIS). Candidates for certification must apply to the School of Library and Information Studies (not the guidelines for Teacher Certification for education students).

Candidates who wish to apply to this program should check “TCP” on the application form and submit all materials to the GSLIS Admission Office. In addition to the application, two official transcripts of all prior academic work, showing receipt of the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degree, plus a statement of objectives and two letters of recommendation should be received by the GSLIS by November 15 for spring admission, April 15 for summer admission, and July 15 for fall admission. Notification of acceptance or denial is mailed approximately six weeks after receipt by the Graduate School.

Program Requirements

Students admitted to the TCP program are governed by the same academic standards as matriculated and graduate students. Upon acceptance to the TCP-Library Media Specialist Program, you must complete an official Program of Study with the Coordinator of the School Library Media Program. At this time, the Coordinator will analyze your transcripts and timeliness of courses to determine which courses are accepted and which courses are needed to update your credentials for the certification program.

Our regular NASDTEC and NCATE accredited program requirements include 42 credit hours, which must include five core courses; LSC 528 or 529; LSC 530 and 531; LSC 548 or 508; LSC 520 (taken in the summer or fall directly prior to the Practicum); and LSC 596 (a Practicum requiring 300 hours in supervised field experiences and seminar classes, taken in the final spring semester).