World Language Education (B.A.)


Students in the World Language Education program will need to complete a total of 120 credits, of which 42 credits will be required EDC courses and 30 credits will be required language courses (language major). Students also must complete 40 credits of courses that will count toward URI general education requirements.

Required Courses

  • EDC 102: Introduction to American Education
  • EDC 250: Supervised Preprofessional Field Experience
  • EDC 312: The Psychology of Learning
  • EDC 331: Clinical Experiences for Secondary Education I
  • EDC 400: Middle School Curriculum Assessment and Methods
  • EDC 402: The Education of Special Needs Students
  • EDC 415: Adolescents and Classroom Management
  • EDC 420: Second Language Acquisition and Assessment
  • EDC 424: Teaching Literacy in the Primary Grades
  • EDC 430: Methods and Materials in Secondary Education
  • EDC 431: Clinical Experiences for Secondary Education
  • EDC 484: Practical Teaching Residency II
  • EDC 485: Seminar in teaching