World Language Education (B.A.)

Experiential Learning

Adaptability, creativity, problem-solving, classroom management skills, critical-thinking are critical skills for successful teachers. In our program you will have the opportunity to develop these (and many other) skills through a series of experiential learning experiences in which you will work in real classrooms, closely collaborate with cooperating teachers and count with the support of your university supervisor all along the way.

To prepare you to effectively work in a wide variety of learning communities and engage with diverse students, you will have complete field placements during your second, third and fourth years. You will have first-hand experience on critical from class planning, implementation of such plans, evaluation of the students and self-evaluation. As part of the required curriculum, you will participate in at least 4 practicum courses at different moments of your degree:

  • EDC 250: Supervised Preprofessional Field Experience (1 credit)
  • EDC 331: Clinical Experiences for Secondary Education (1 credit)
  • EDC 431: Clinical Experiences for Secondary Education (1 credit)
  • EDC 484: Practical Teaching Residency II (12 credits)