Testing and Certification

Program Completion

Program Completion means that you have completed all requirements for the certification program. Completing a state-approved certification program is a requirement in most states. Undergraduates will also graduate at the same time.
Post-baccalaureate teacher candidates are not required to have completed the masters degree requirements in most programs.

Approximately 6 weeks after grades close for your final semester:

Step 1:

  • Undergraduates: Your dean’s office(s) will recommend you for degree conferral to Enrollment Services.
  • Post-bacc teacher candidates: Your advisors will review you for program completion at this time.

Step 2:
The Office of Clinical Practice and Partnerships (OCPP) will ask that Enrollment Services put the AAQEP statement on your transcript to verify that you have completed a state-approved teacher preparation program. This is also the time that OCPP will recommend you for certification to the RI Department of Education (RIDE). See the Certification tab for more information.

AAQEP Transcript Statement:
“This student has completed a state-approved educator preparation program under the terms of the Interstate Agreement for the Qualifications of Educational Personnel. The education programs at the University of Rhode Island are accredited by AAQEP.”

Step 3:
Program completers should order copies of their official transcript after the conferred degree conferred AND the AAQEP statement are put on the transcript (at the bottom).

A note on your job search: Teacher candidates who are nearing the end of their certification program(s) can start applying for jobs. On your resume, indicate that your certification and graduation are “Anticipated in XXXX(semester and year)”. Districts understand that you are completing your program soon and looking for jobs. It’s smart to plan early! Take a look at the information shared in the Job Resources and Professional Development modules for help.