Testing and Certification

Teacher Certification

Below you’ll find information regarding both Rhode Island certification and out-of-state licensure. Please note that some states may refer to “teacher licensure”, other states may refer to “teacher certification” but these terms are synonymous.

Rhode Island Certification

Once your degree is conferred AND the AAQEP statement is on your transcript (approximately 6 weeks after you complete the program):

  1. The Office of Clinical Practice and Partnerships (OCPP) will recommend you for certification through the eCert portal.
  2. You will receive an email from RIDE with directions for completing the online application (the same as with your student teaching permit). If you do not receive this email approximately 6-8 weeks after you have completed your program, check your spam/junk folder and/or contact the OCPP.

Things to remember:

  • You will need to meet ALL certification test requirements for your certification area prior to certification.
  • Check to make sure that your certification area is correct in your eCert account and let OCPP know if there is a mistake.
  • Contact RIDE with any issues in the eCert portal.
  • Your student teaching permit does not expire until June in most cases. You can substitute teach with your RIDE student teaching permit.
  • If you do not have a valid student teaching permit issued by RIDE, you will have to submit a paper application to RIDE for licensure.

RI Certification Resources

Out-of-State Licensure

The College of Education has teacher candidates successfully pursue out-of-state licensure every year. By completing your certification program at URI, you have completed a state-approved certification program. This means that you have met the certification program requirement of most states. Other states may ask that you complete additional testing and/or a workshop.

Reciprocity means that you hold a teaching certification in one state and another state will recognize that certification, although you may have to complete their additional requirements (if applicable). Please check on state websites for certification requirements. Learn more about reciprocity here.

If you are pursuing certification in another state, you will likely need a form completed to verify your program completion. Please review the other state’s requirements and processes to figure out which form you will need. After your degree is conferred and the NCATE/CAEP (former) or AAQEP (current) statement is on your transcript, attach the form you need to an email to OCPP and include your address. Please know that it can take 4-6 weeks for a verification form to be returned to you.

Out of State Certification Resources

You are not required to apply for RI certification if you do not plan to teach in Rhode Island, but we highly recommend that you do so when you are eligible. You have met all RI requirements and it may become more difficult to apply for RI certification in the future. Furthermore, other states may view your process for certification as a transfer of certification if you already have an RI teaching certification, which may be easier than applying as an out-of-state candidate for a new teaching certificate.

Alumni Database

The OCPP maintains a database of alumni, both in RI and other states, who would like to support recent program completers through the certification and hiring processes. Click on the state below to request access to the COEDU Alumni Database. Access will be granted within 48 business hours.

If you are a URI College of Education program completer and would like to support recent program completers through the certification and hiring processes, please complete this interest form. Your information will be added to the spreadsheets above and program completers will contact you directly for support.

Additional Information

A NOTE ON YOUR JOB SEARCH: Teacher candidates who are nearing the end of their certification program(s) can start applying for jobs. On your resume, indicate that your certification and graduation are “Anticipated in XXXX(semester and year)”. Districts understand that you are completing your program soon and looking for jobs. It’s smart to plan early! Take a look at the information shared in the Job Resources and Professional Development modules for help.

A NOTE ON LICENSURE: Please note that individuals seeking state licensure will need to complete ALL certification requirements prior to certification, including meeting all licensure testing requirements. All states have multiple requirements for teacher licensure, often including (1) the completion of a state-approved teacher preparation program, (2) specific licensure tests, and (3) other requirements. In completing a teacher preparation program at URI, you will have met the requirement of completing a state-approved teacher preparation program (requirement 1). Teacher candidates will need to complete all state requirements for licensure, including licensure testing, prior to certification in any state.