International Engineering Program


Imagine designing pedals for Ferrari at Bitron, participating in the EU’s Bionic Aircraft Project at Hexagon, or building ships with Fincantieri. The University of Rhode Island is the only institution in the United States that offers an Italian International Engineering Program.

The Italian IEP gives students the opportunity to explore the cultural heaven that is Italy, while also learning how to become part of one of the world’s leaders in engineering. Italy is the destination for engineers looking to launch their careers thanks to its remarkable success in several fields, including automotive and transportation industries, chemical products, mechanical solutions, synthetic fibers, and electrical apparatuses.

Italian IEP students have the choice of spending a semester at one of the following partner universities in southern Italy: The University of Calabria, a renowned institution with world-class programs in engineering, math and science; and The University of Naples Parthenope, an excellent choice for students looking to pursue ocean, electrical, or mechanical engineering. Following their semester of study, students spend six months interning at an Italian or global company, or alternatively in a research lab at the partner institutions. Internship opportunities, paid either by the company or scholarship, encompass all engineering disciplines at locations throughout Italy. Students have previously interned at companies such as Taco Italia, Hexagon, and Grastim, among others.

Partner Corporations


ASL Healthcare (Naples)
B-Services (Naples)
BSP Pharmaceuticals (Latina)
Drillmec (Piacenza)
GOM (Perugia)
Grastim (Naples)
Hexagon (Grugliasco)
IMAS (Mariano Comense)
Laboratorio di Genetica (UNICAL – Rende)

Laboratorio Grandi Modelli Idrauli (UNICAL – Rende)
Manini Prefabbricati (Assisi)
Physical Chemistry and Applied Materials Lab (UNICAL – Rende)
SIDAT (Trofarello)
Taco Italia (Vicenza)
ZF (various locations in Italy)