Faculty-Led Programs

Orientation Planning Guide

Pre-Departure Orientation

A representative of the Office of International Education will be present at the orientation to provide additional support and information regarding billing and registration, travel safety and CISI, URI’s supplemental insurance.

Below are suggested topics for you to cover during your pre-departure orientation:


  • Academic expectations and workload before, during and after the program.
  • Are there books that need to be purchased for the course?
  • Readings or response papers that need to be completed prior to departure, if any.
  • Describe the layout of a typical day, including hours in class, excursions, and free time.

Local Conditions

Address what participants can expect from the local environment:

  • Local environmental conditions
  • Potential safety risks
  • Local customs and cultural and culinary differences
  • Discuss destination country’s laws and group expectations regarding alcohol and other drug use
  • Outline your expectations regarding student behavior during and outside of organized program activities. This is of particular importance as your students may have their own agenda when participating in your program.


  • Suggest a packing list for the program, so students don’t over-pack or travel with the wrong gear.
  • Instructions regarding airport pick-up on arrival day and transportation to airport on departure day.
  • Provide each participant with your contact information and travel itinerary–airline, flight number, date/time scheduled to arrive–if the group is not traveling together.
  • Provide each participant with the ultimate destination for the group and explicit directions on how to get there (in English and in the local language) if a participant does not make his or her flight.
  • Encourage students to carry a copy of the first page of their passport, separate from their passport.

Health and Safety

  • Encourage participants to visit the Center for Disease Control website, cdc.org, for travel medical advice.
  • Discuss inoculations that may be required for your destination.
  • Provide each participant with CISI coverage information.

The Office of International Education will register all staff and program participants with the U.S. Embassy at least 7 days prior to departure.