Faculty-Led Programs


Current and former program directors have shared that the experience directing a faculty-led program is incredibly fulfilling and many continue to direct programs year after year. Coordinating a program is also a great deal of work and a significant amount of responsibilty. The OIE is here to support you in this endeavor and provide guidance for your preparation and implementation of a successful program.

Role and Responsibilities of the Program Director

A minimum of two faculty or staff members will be required for all faculty-led programs. The program director teaches the academic aspects of the program, coordinates on-site program logistics, and provides student support throughout the program, usually with the support of an onsite contractor specializing in custom programs. In addition to the standard duties of teaching a course at URI, the responsibilities of the program director include:

    • Discussing plans for the proposal with the department or college prior to submitting a proposal.
    • Submitting a Faculty-Led Program proposal which includes in-depth program details, budget, emergency information.
    • Actively participating in program promotion and recruitment.
    • Reviewing applications and selecting participants.
    • Attending mandatory director training, CPR and First Aid trainings required by the Office of International Education.
    • Leading informational meetings, a mandatory pre-departure orientation meeting and, if necessary, in-class meetings prior to departure.
    • While abroad, serving as the primary point of contact for students (24/7) in need of academic, cultural, and/or personal guidance, both on a scheduled and emergency basis.
    • Meeting with the Office of International Education upon completion of your program to reconcile finances.

Literature on Faculty-Led Programs

As faculty-led programs continue to grow, so does its presence in the literature of education abroad. Below are articles that may provide insight or inspiration as you design your program : 

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