Meet the 2022 SURFOs

We’re excited here on the URI Narragansett Bay Campus to welcome this year’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Oceanography (SURFO) students! The SURFO program is a 10-week research experience designed primarily for science, math and engineering students who will have just completed their junior year of undergraduate coursework. Participating students get hands-on experience with laboratory work, field work, data analysis, instrument development, numerical modeling and even a research cruise – all while working with GSO faculty and graduate student mentors.

Here are the students who will be joining the Bay Campus community for the summer of 2022:

Jon Carter

School: Duke University, studying biomedical engineering.
This summer I look forward to gaining experience with ocean engineering, and I plan on developing ideas for renewable ocean energy in the future.

Arnaldo Díaz Martínez

School: University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, fourth-year student-athlete pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology.
I aspire to continue graduate studies in the field of marine biology, concentrating on the research fields of tropical marine ecology and oceanography. I plan to apply this experience and knowledge as a future marine biologist by research in Puerto Rico through collaborations between nonprofit local organizations and academics.

Nate Gonzalez

School: Gordon College, studying physics and mathematics.
As a SURFO, this summer I will be working to rapidly generate full 3D spatial models of shoreline change from the vegetation line above high tide to shallow depths (<2m) below low tide using data taken from unmanned aerial and surface vehicles. Beyond my undergraduate years, I hope to pursue graduate school in applied physics or engineering.

HuxleyAnn Huefner

School: Scripps College in Claremont, California. biology major and history minor.
I’m really excited to learn more about deep sea corals this summer and would love to continue conducting marine research in and after grad school!

Ashley Hutchins

School: University of Rhode Island, marine biology and ocean engineering.
Born and raised in Rhode Island, Ashley is a returning University of Rhode Island student who is passionate about the ocean, cooking, and softball. After completing undergraduate degrees in marine biology and ocean engineering, Ashley intends to apply to graduate school to further her knowledge of ocean engineering and pursue a career in research.

Kayli Matsuyoshi

School: University of California, San Diego, rising fourth-year studying oceanic and atmospheric sciences (OAS) and mathematics.
At GSO, I will be using GPS reflectometry to monitor sea level in Newport, RI. In the future, I hope to continue to pursue oceanographic research.

Rhiannon Moore

School: Emory University, studying biology and political science.
I’m excited to be working on a project with Kelton McMahon this summer to construct nitrogen isoscapes of Narragansett Bay. In the future, I’d like to get my Ph.D. in marine biology and eventually teach.

Loreto Paulino

School: University of Guam, chemistry major with a minor in mathematics.
I look forward to studying topics within chemical oceanography during the upcoming summer. My goals include working alongside a new generation of individuals interested in ocean research.

Margaret Retting

School: Bowling Green State University, marine biology, conservation biology, and data science major.
Margaret will be studying phytoplankton ecology through the SURFO program.

Elisabeth Sellinger

School: University of Colorado at Boulder, studying ecology and evolutionary biology (EBIO) and atmospheric and oceanic studies (ATOC).
This summer, I am excited to be in Bethany Jenkins’ lab to examine the relationship between domoic acid production and certain triggers to the Pseudo-nitzschia phytoplankton species in Narragansett Bay. I look forward to the program and meeting everyone!

Kate Silvester

School: University of Colorado Boulder, studying ecology and evolutionary biology.
I want to explore marine biology in my career with a focus on tropical ecology and coral ecosystems!

Bryca Song-Weiss (she/her/hers)

School: Vanderbilt University, rising senior.
At GSO this summer I’ll be learning about beach sands and how to protect them with J.P. Walsh and I hope to continue to study coastal sediments after graduating.