B.S. in Kinesiology – Early Contingent Physical Therapy


Core Curriculum Courses (25 credits)

Required of all Kinesiology majors. Courses include Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Foundations of Health and Physiology of Exercise

Specialization Requirements (32 credits)

Courses include Fitness Appraisal and Guidance, Fitness Programs for Individuals with Chronic Disease, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Statistics.

General Education Requirements (39 credits)

Courses taken to meet university requirements in the areas of English Communications, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Fine Arts/Literature, Foreign Language/Cultural Competence, Letters, and Mathematics.

Specialization Requirements of Year One of Physical Therapy Program (26 credits)

Courses include Human Anatomy & Histology, Physiology & Pathophysiology, Biomechanics & Pathokinesiology, and Foundations of Evidence Based Practice.