The University of Rhode Island has joined HathiTrust!

HathiTrust is a digital library of more than 17.4 million volumes, digitized from member library collections. Funded by member libraries and governed by members through its Board of Governors, HathiTrust is a global collaborative of research and academic libraries working towards its mission to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future.

URI faculty, staff, and students can log in to HathiTrust to access enhanced features. Authenticated users may download full-book PDF files of all Public Domain and Creative Commons-licensed volumes in HathiTrust (currently more than 6.9 million for U.S. users). All volumes, including copyrighted works, are searchable. Searchable access means the full text is searchable within the Digital Library and available for advanced research and data mining services via the HathiTrust Research Center. To access HathiTrust go to

For more information, including how to log in, see or contact Julia Lovett, Digital Initiatives Librarian, at