New for Fall 2021: LTI 350G, Bias: Interrogating the Archive

The University Libraries presents a new Grand Challenge course for fall 2021 – 
LTI 350G, Bias: Interrogating the Archive

Machine learning and other artificial intelligence applications are becoming more prevalent in our society with algorithms assisting and/or making decisions on college admission, employment, lending, parole and sentencing among other things. Because AI both learns and amplifies biases, the issue of biased datasets is a grand challenge with broad (social justice) implications.

This Grand Challenge seminar examines bias in datasets, including sources, implications, and how individual actors can exacerbate and/or work to combat these problems.  Students will further explore bias in one large dataset maintained by the university, it’s institutional records collection.  URI’s university archives will serve as both subject and experiential learning lab.

Successful completion of this course provides General Education credits in:
B4: Information Literacy
D1: Integrate and Apply
GC:   Grand Challenge

Instructor:  Karen W. Morse
Days and times: Tues., Thurs.; 2-3:15 p.m.
Location: Galanti Lounge, Carothers Library

Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor.
Contact with any questions.