Future Autonomous Systems

Graduate Certificate


The Future Autonomous Systems Graduate Certificate at URI Online prepares professionals for the demands of next-generation autonomous systems. This program is designed to provide professionals with the tools to master the intricacies of safely navigating complex tasks in unpredictable environments while ensuring the security of critical systems and sensitive data.

Through the program, professionals will delve into cutting-edge solutions for autonomy, estimation, and cybersecurity, gaining expertise in sensor fusion, robotics, automation, and information technologies. Graduates emerge equipped with highly sought-after skills tailored to meet industry needs in the rapidly evolving field of autonomous systems.


ELE 555: Probabilistic Robotics
This course is designed to provide fundamental and applied knowledge on methods for online estimation, localization, mapping and SLAM in systems, with particular focus on practical application in robotics.

ELE 558: Cyber-Physical Security Fundamentals
This course is designed to provide fundamental and applied knowledge for cyber security of cyber-physical systems, such as power grid environments.

ELE 579: Detection and Estimation Theory
This course is designed to provide a robust foundation in signal detection and estimation theory, empowering students to extract valuable insights from data and select appropriate algorithms for diverse scenarios.

ELE 557: Adaptive Control for Robotic Systems
This course covers central topics of the classical adaptive control theory, including Lyapunov stability, positive real functions, Kalman-Yakubovich lemma, persistent excitation, neural network approximation, model reference adaptive control, direct/indirect adaptive control, adaptive pole placement control, robust adaptive control, adaptive observer, and backstepping adaptive control. Applications will focus on two types of robotic systems, including industrial robot manipulators and autonomous mobile robots.

Tuition per credit based on 2024/2025 academic year rates (subject to change): $887


  • GPA of 3.0 or higher*
  • College transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of purpose
    • Interest in program
    • Relevant work experience
    • Reasons for applying to the online program at URI
    • Professional goals, as well as plans for achieving these goals

*Applicants with a GPA lower than 3.0 may be considered for provisional admission — please contact online@uri.edu before applying to discuss the GPA requirement.

Spring 2024 Dates

11/26Application Deadline
1/7Classes Begin

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Career Opportunities

Advance your career with URI Online.

Dive into a realm of career opportunities in future autonomous systems. With a focus on securing critical systems and sensitive data, professionals are poised to drive innovation and meet the evolving demands of local, regional, and national communities. Career opportunities in future autonomous systems span a wide range of industries and roles, including autonomous vehicles and robotics.

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Sensor Fusion

Professionals integrate data from multiple sensors to provide accurate information for decision-making in autonomous systems.

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AI and Machine Learning

Professionals create algorithms and models that enable machines to learn from data and make decisions autonomously across multiple industries.

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Advanced Control Systems

Professionals design and implement control algorithms to optimize the performance and safety of autonomous systems in dynamic environments.

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