Tuition and Fees

Quantum Computing

Provided below is important information regarding cost, financial aid, and registration for the URI Online Accelerated Programs currently being offered. All URI Online Programs are considered Kingston Degree Programs for tuition and fee purposes. Different rates may apply for other URI Online programs. Please consult appropriate URI Online Program websites for specific fees.

2023-2024 Accelerated Online Tuition and Fees

ProgramTuitionApplication FeeCAS FeeRegistration FeeTechnology FeeTranscript FeeDocument Fee
Master of Library and Information StudiesGSLIS_MS$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Master of Science in Healthcare ManagementHCM-MS$856$65$58$30$15$50$115
Master of OceanographyOCGORO-MO$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Master of Public AdministrationPUBADO-MPA$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Master of Science in DieteticsDIET-MS$16,000*$65$30$15$50$115
Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and Applied AnalyticsPMSCMAA$1,000$65$58$30$15$50$115
Communications Studies AS_CMSO_BA$588$0$30$15$50$115
Certificate in Cannabis StudiesYCNBCERT$588$0$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Data Science DSP-GCP$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Master of Data ScienceDSP-MS$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Accounting and AuditingDAACC-GCP$856$65$58$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Fisheries ScienceFIS-GCP$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Geospatial Technologies GISGISGT-GCP$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Quantum ComputingQCOMP-CERT$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Medication OutcomesMEDOUT-GCP$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Learning and DevelopmentLRNDV-CERT$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Healthcare Management HCM-GCP$856$65$58$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Natural Resources and the EnvironmentNR_ENV$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificates in Public Administration and Policy PBLADM-GCP$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Social MediaSOCLM-GCP$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Early Childhood B.A. Degree CompletionEP_ECCE_BS$588$0$30$15$50$115
Master of Environmental ManagementEVMGT-MEM$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
Master of Professional StudiesPRFSTU-MPS$856$65$38$30$15$50$115
M.S. in Health Outcomes and Data AnalyticsHLOTCDT-MS$856$65$38$30$15$50$115

*Tuition is per credit. Technology Fee is per credit.
Registration Fee is per semester.
Application Fees Include: Application Fee and CAS Fee

Transcript and Document Costs are One-Time Fees

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