Office of Experiential Education

Located in Suite 225 on Level 2 of Avedisian Hall 


As part of the Pharm.D. curriculum, students are required to complete both Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). Detailed information on the experiential components of the Pharm.D. program can be found on the Pharm.D. program page. The Office of Experiential Education (OEE) in the College works closely with Pharm.D. students to match them with introductory and advanced practice experiences that align with their prior work experience and future career goals.

For more information, contact Dr. Brett Feret, Director of Experiential Education.


Clinical Professor

Office: 225D

Clinical Professor, Director of Experiential Education

Office: 225C

Coordinator, Professional Experiential Programs

Office: 215B

Data Control Clerk, Administrative and Student Support

Office: 225A



CORE ELMS is the Experiential Learning Management System (ELMS Software) that our office uses to manage our rotations and online resources. Students and preceptors access the system to document and track their experiential education progress.


HIPAA Training

HIPAA Privacy Training

All employees of covered entities who come into contact with Protected Health Information must complete HIPAA Privacy Training. Pharmacy students who perform externships along with those who serve as employees in community and hospital based pharmacies must also receive training. Usernames and passwords will be distributed by this office.



We recognize that hands-on experience is just as important as the knowledge-based learning gained in the classroom. Required laboratory courses will provide broad and consistent training for all students. Experiences in companies or faculty research labs are optional, but highly encouraged and supported by the program.

Students in the B.S.P.S. program receive support in pursuing internships through the program faculty.


Coordinator, BSPS Experiential Education Liaison

Office: 215A

Academic Advisor

University College for Academic Success (UCAS)