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Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science

Academic Advising

It is the responsibility of each student at the University of Rhode Island to meet all their course and credit requirements. Throughout their enrollment, students are encouraged to seek the assistance of academic advising that is available to them.

For the first two years of their academic programs, BSPS students meet at University College with their academic advisor, and at the College of Pharmacy for their junior and senior years. Students are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment prior to course registration each semester and if they have particular questions about course requirements.

Academic Advisers


Office: 495L Lab: 320


Academic Advisor

University College for Academic Success (UCAS)

Experiential Education

We recognize that hands-on experience is just as important as the knowledge-based learning gained in the classroom. Required laboratory courses will provide broad and consistent training for all students. Experiences in companies or faculty research labs are optional, but highly encouraged and supported by the program. See the program page for more information.