Pre Award – Policies and Procedures 


Active Small Business Vendors
Budget Guidance document for additional questions
Capitalization Policy
Cost Sharing Policy
Cost Sharing Procedure
Direct & Indirect Costs for Sponsored Projects
Drug Free Workplace Policy 
E-Verify Information
Export Controls
Facilities & Administrative (F&A) or Indirect Costs (IDC)
Fringe Benefits Calculations Guidance
URI Fringe Rates Policy
URI Financial Statements 
Grants, Contracts, and Gifts Administration Policy
Institution Information
Minimum Effort Guideline
National Institutes of Health Modular Budget Guidelines 
NIH Public Access Policy 
NSF Collaborative Proposal Submissions
Postdoctoral Fellow Salary Guideline
Principal Investigator Transfers
Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy 
Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)
URI Program Income for Sponsored Projects  
USDA 2018 Farm Bill Indirect Cost Limitation Guidance
Subrecipient Monitoring Policy 
Travel Policy