URI Watershed Watch Water Quality Factsheets

URI Watershed Watch provides information about water to help local communities reduce pollution of water. Environmental monitoring allows us to better understand water quality and the impact of human activities in watersheds, which can result in more effective management of critical local water resources. URI Watershed Watch water quality factsheets foster our goal of ensuring clean water for everyone by providing concise, easy to read information on a variety water quality issues. Included in our monitoring manuals as “Supplemental Information” the factsheets focus on narrow topical areas, providing both in depth information and extensive references for those interested in learning more. Factsheets are available here in pdfs and also in hardcopy form upon request. We would appreciate proper citiation and notification in the event you use a factsheet (whole or a portion) in your program manual, newletter, etc.

Guide for Growing Volunteer Monitoring Programs

URI Watershed Watch also works cooperatively with Wisconsin Extension to develop the factsheet-based Guide for Growing Volunteer Monitoring ProgramsDesigned in a modular form, with a series of ‘chapters’ or modules that can be used alone or in conjunction with other sections depending upon the needs of your program, the purpose of this guide is to bring together some of the excellent resources produced by a wide variety of monitoring programs and agencies into a comprehensive document to help support volunteer monitoring efforts. The guide includes frequent references and links to a wide variety of materials from Cooperative Extension and other programs from around the nation and the world.