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Research & Interests

Oleg Andreev (URI)
Molecular motors, asymmetric friction, anisotropic imaging, microscopy, in vivo fluorescence imaging, nanowires, delivery of nanoparticles to diseased tissue.

Ruth Iris Bahar (Brown)
Nanoscale computing, noise analysis of nanoscale circuits, reliable computing under high defect and highly noisy conditions, self-assembly.

Amit Basu (Brown)
Glycobiology and materials science. Dendritic, polymer and nanoparticle probes for cell surface carbohydrate recognition; Nanoscale polymer architectures.

Roderic Beresford (Brown)
Semiconductor nanostructures and epitaxy, pattern-driven quantum dot growth; direct nanoelectronic detection of redox reactions; nanoscale sensing and control of biological processes.

Janet Blume (Brown)
Educational outreach developing ways to bring nanoscale engineering into pre-college biology, chemistry, and physics curricula.

Arijit Bose (URI)
Soft and hard nanomaterial fabrication; colloidal and interfacial science; imaging of soft nanomaterial; synthesis and evaluation of self-healing materials.

Allan Bower (Brown)
Computer simulation of the mechanical behavior of structural, electronic and biological materials.

Geoffrey D. Bothun (URI)
Role of nanoparticle-cell membrane interactions in nanotoxicology; structure and function of liposome- nanoparticle assemblies (LNAs) for therapeutic application; nanoscale confinement effects on membrane modification, separation, and transport; nanostructured antifouling and responsive surfaces.

Kenneth Breuer (Brown)
Nanoscale fluid mechanics and transport processes, fluid-surface interactions, behavior of nanoscale particles and flexible filaments in fluids, diffusion and heat transfer, mechanics of biological motion and adhesion, experimental techniques for nanoscale fluid measurements.

Phil Brown
Social and ethical implications of nanotechnology; public understanding of nanotechnology; precautionary approaches; regulation.

Eric Chason (Brown)
Evolution of surfaces and thin film structures, non-equilibrium processing (growth, ion bombardment); self-assembled nanostructures; real-time diagnostics (stress, roughness, surface and interface morphology, defect formation); simulation and modeling.

Vinka Craver (URI)
Novel wastewater purification technologies and management systems; engineering properties of organoclays for pollutant removal, containment, and prevention; sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies for developing global communities.

William Curtin (Brown)
Computational materials science and nano- and micro-mechanics of materials; multiscale modeling of deformation, fracture and fatigue with applications to metals, alloys, nanomaterials, fiber-reinforced composites, and nanocomposites.

Jason R. Dwyer (URI)
Nanofabricated tools, in particular robust single molecule nanopore devices, for bioanalytical sensing applications and fundamental biophysics studies. Research program weds chemical synthesis with nanofabrication to achieve superior device performance.

Mohammad Faghri (URI)
Microfluides with applications in point-of-care diagnostics.

Dmitri Feldman (Brown)
Quantum Hall effect and its applications in quantum information science, quantum wires, nanomagnets, spintronics, soft matter in random porous media.

Christian Franck (Brown)
Nano and micro mechanics of soft matter, cell-material interactions, and cell adhesion. Molecular mechanisms of mechanosensing in cells.

Huajian Gao (Brown)
Modeling and simulation of mechanical properties of nanomaterials, nanomechanics of biological systems, mechanical principles of hierarchical materials, size effects, thin films, nanostructured materials, nanomechanics of cell and vesicle adhesion.

Michael Greenfield (URI)
Molecular simulation and multiscale modeling of chemical, physical, and mechanical structure and properties in polymers, fluids, and asphalts; application of statistical mechanics to complicated systems of practical interest.

Pradeep Guduru (Brown)
Experimental mechanics at nano and micro-scales; biologically inspired contact mechanics, adhesion and friction; guided assembly and surface engineering.

Karen Haberstroh (Brown)
Nano-structured polymers for soft tissue engineering. novel methods in science education, nanotechnology classroom outreach.

Diane Hoffman-Kim (Brown)
Nanomaterials for nerve growth: biomimetic and 3D materials; in vitro platforms for studying nerve development and nerve regeneration at the nanoscale.

Robert Hurt (Brown)
Nanomaterials and their biological and environmental applications/implications; carbon nanomaterials, nanotoxicology, interfacial phenomena, liquid crystals and supramolecular assembly, material chemistry approaches for safe nanomaterial formulation, nanoparticle cell delivery.

Agnes Kane (Brown)
Nanotoxicology, cellular interactions with nanomaterials, nanomaterials for targeted cancer therapy, biocompatibility of nanomaterials.

Kyung-Suk Kim (Brown)
Nanomechanics, AFM nanometrology, Nanotribology.

Sharvan Kumar (Brown)
Defects in crystalline solids, their motion, interaction and consequences on deformation; mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline materials; experimental techniques for defect characterization.

Mindy Levine (URI)
Supramolecular organic chemistry. Chiral polymers and biological complexation; self-assembled fluorescent macrocycles for sensing and catalysis.

Xinsheng Sean Ling (Brown)
Nanopore DNA sequencing, nanofabrication, optical and magnetic tweezers, nanomechanical measurements on single biomolecules, nanobiology.

Diane Lipscombe (Brown)
Nanomaterial interactions with ion channels and effects on neuronal signaling.

Wei Lu (URI)
Nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics (theranostics). Examines the potential for clinical translation of, for example, photothermal therapy, molecular imaging, controlled release of chemotherapeutic agents and nucleic acids, and vaccine development for cancer theranostics.

Humphrey Maris (Brown)
Acoustic measurements on thin films and nanostructures, development of an ultra-high resolution acoustic microscope, imaging the motion of single electrons in liquid helium.

John Bradley Marston (Brown)
Quantum chemistry of actinide nano-complexes with application to the problem of high level nuclear waste disposal; physics of quantum many-body systems driven far from equilibrium.

Lenore Martin (URI)
Modeling protein structural motifs ; novel therapeutic agents using natural scaffolds; combinatorial libraries for the generation and screening of novel antibiotics and anti-tumor agents; topoisomerase inhibition and action of peptide antibiotics; biophysical properties of peptides and proteins.

Edith Mathiowitz (Brown)
The polymer/medicine interface; nanoparticles as novel therapeutic delivery systems, small-diameter vascular grafts with better compliance; novel bioadhesive polymers for oral delivery, liquid crystals as smart sensors.

Vesna F. Mitrovic (Brown)
Nuclear magnetic resonance of nanoscale inhomogeneity, magnetic nanoparticles, and molecules.

Jeffrey Morgan (Brown)
3D cell culture and in vitro micro-tissues for testing the toxicity and therapeutic potential of nano-materials.

Arto Nurmikko (Brown)
Nanophotonics, active electronic nanomaterials, and neuroenginering and neurotechnology including new approaches to interfacing the brain by nanoscale implantable devices.

Domenico Pacifici (Brown)
Silicon-based nanophotonics; optical and electrical properties of semiconductor quantum dots; metamaterials; periodic and quasiperiodic nanostructures in metal films; nanoengineered materials and devices for optical communications, biochemical sensing and energy harvesting solutions.

David Paine (Brown)
Imaging and structure analysis at the nanoscale using electron microscopy, amorphous and nano-structured metal oxides for transparent, flexible, and large area electronics, transparent conducting oxide applications, (transparent) thin film transistors.

Tayhas Palmore (Brown)
Nanomaterial components in biofuel cells, photovoltaics, batteries; cellular scaffolds; genetically engineered machines; self-assembly of molecular solids.

Robert Pelcovits (Brown)
Theory and simulation of soft matter including liquid crystals and liquid crystalline elastomers, confinement of nanoscale systems, topological defects, lipid membranes and vesicles.

Thomas Powers (Brown)
Soft condensed matter physics: lipid bilayer membranes, biological filaments, liquid crystals, rheology, interfacial physics, and swimming motility.

David M. Rand (Brown)
Nanomaterial effects in evolutionary, ecological and environmental genomics; Drosophila population genetics, ecotoxicology; mitochondrial genetics and aging; oxidative stress.

Sherief Reda (Brown)
Design and analysis of sub-100 nanometer integrated circuits, models of variations in nanoscale device performance, variation-tolerant designs and circuit fabrics.

Yana Reshetnyak (URI)
Membrane-associated folding, membrane biophysics, protein structure, fluorescence spectroscopy, microscopy, imaging, novel peptide-based delivery agents (PHLIPs).

William Risen (Brown)
Aerogels including gold and magnetic nanoparticles, photochemistry and catalysis related to nanoparticles, carbon nanoparticles.

Christoph Rose-Petruck (Brown)
Nanomaterials for bio-medical imaging applications and x-ray nano-microscopy using laboratory plasma x-ray sources.

John Savage (Brown)
Nanowire decoders, nanowire encoding, nanoscale memory and logic, coded computation at the nanoscale.

Jason Sello (Brown)
Functional nanoparticles for catlysis and for separation of low molecular weight compounds.

Surendra Sharma (Brown)
Nanomaterial distribution in tissue and effects on pregnancy outcomes.

Brian Sheldon (Brown)
Nanomaterials synthesis, especially vapor phase methods, nanomechanical behavior of materials, nanocrystalline diamond films, nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces, and nanocrystalline oxides for electrochemical applications.

Vivek Shenoy (Brown)
Mechanics of nanoscale surface instabilities, patterning and self-assembly, theory and computational modeling of thin film and surface growth processes, cell adhesion and motility.

Arun Shukla (URI)
The goal of our research is to develop smart polymeric materials that can report critical material deformation through an embedded electrically conductive network under highly dynamic loadings. We are also interested in using nano size reinforcements to improve mechanical properties of host polymers.

Derek Stein (Brown)
Nano-biophysics, nanopores and novel DNA sequencing strategies, nanofluidics and medical diagnostic applications, DNA-protein interactions, single-molecule biophysics, single-molecule polymer physics.

Richard Stratt (Brown)
Ultrafast spectroscopy; dynamics of liquids, supercooled liquids, and glassy systems; disordered materials and clusters; energy relaxation and the molecular origins of friction.

Shouheng Sun (Brown)
Nanomaterials synthesis, self-assembly, magnetic nanoparticles, nanocrystal arrays for information storage and fuel cell catalysts, functional nanoparticles for target-specific diagnostics/therapeutics.

Dwight Sweigart (Brown)
Surface modification of metallic nanoparticles with organometallic complexes for catalytic, electrochemical, and self-assembly applications. self-supporting heterogeneous nanocatalysts consisting of supramolecular metal-organometallic coordination network assemblies.

Jay Tang (Brown)
Nanoscale assembly and dynamics of the cytoskeletal protein filaments F-actin and microtubules, integrin mediated adhesion and migration of neutrophils and T-cells, molecular mechanisms of bacterial adhesion.

Anubhav Tripathi (Brown)
Nanoparticle-based technologies for biomarker/protein identification and separation, biocompatible nanoparticles for bacterial lysis, new encapsulation procedures for drugs and chemical agents, transport through soft matter, disease diagnostics applications using microfluids and nanofluidics platform.

James Valles, Jr. (Brown)
Nano-structured superconductors, nano-crystal array formation, magnetic manipulation of bio-molecular assemblies.

Lai-Sheng Wang (Brown)
Experimental and theoretical studies of the size-dependent electronic, chemical, and structural properties of isolated nanoclusters; Nanomaterials and nanocatalysis; spectroscopic characterization of solution molecules and multiply-charged anions in the gas phase.

Li-Qiong Wang (Brown)
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials in batteries; Solid-state NMR investigation of self-assembled nanostructural materials, nanoporosity and ion diffusion in batteries and super-capacitors.

Peter Weber (Brown)
Molecular dynamics, nanoscale dynamics, molecular structure characterization, time resolved spectroscopy.

Thomas Webster (Brown)
Tissue engineering, implants, nanomaterial synthesis, protein and cell interactions with nanomaterials, foreign body response of nanomaterials, nanotoxicity, nanomedicine.

David Worthen (URI)
A multi-functional/multi-drug delivery system is being developed via polymersomes.

Gang Xiao (Brown)
Electron transport and magnetism in low dimensional systems such as metallic thin films, superlattices and ultrafine particles, physics of novel superconducting and magnetic nanostructures, high temperature superconductivity.

Jingming Xu (Jimmy) (Brown)
Quantum photonics, aperiodic optics, semiconductor lasers, molecular electro-optics, collective behavior of large coupled systems; carbon nanotube structures, synthesis of quantum-arrays, DNA conductivity, physics of redox processes in proteins and cells.

Sze Yang (URI)
Synthesis of conducting polymers for new optical and electronic materials; design of new analytical techniques to study structure-property relationships in these new materials; and construction of “molecular” devices and testing for their practical uses.

See-Chen Ying (Brown)
Dynamics of polymers and DNA through nanoscale restrictions, free energy landscapes of complex systems at nanoscale, nanotribology, dislocation generation and motion in heteroepitaxial systems.

Alexander Zaslavsky (Brown)
Semiconductor nanowires and nanodots, tunneling nanodevices, nanolayered semiconductor-on-insulator materials, epitaxial nanowire heterojunctions.

Anatoly Zhitkovich (Brown)
Toxic effects of nanomaterials and catalytic metals, cancer cell-targeting application.

Rashid Zia (Brown)
Near-field optics and nanophotonics, optical properties of nanostructured materials, metallic nanoparticles, atomic emission process and novel nanoscale light emitters.

Matthew Zimmt (Brown)
Self-assembly, spontaneously patterning monolayer templates for 3D assembly, molecular electronics, nanoparticle diagnostics.

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