Instrument : Shimadzu IRTracer-100 Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer for transmission and reflection measurement, equipped with attenuated total reflection for solids and liquids, and coupled to a Shimadzu AIM-9000 microscope for microFTIR. Maximum spatial resolution in microFTIR 1 µm. Access to Shimadzu basic FTIR spectral database.More information and examples can be found on the Shimadzu websites [spectrometer and microscope

Location : Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering, Suite 060, 2 East Alumni Avenue, Kingston, RI 02881.

Instrument Manager : Matthew Cabral [Email: matthew.cabral@uri.edu]. Contact engimg@etal.uri.edu for instrument reservation.
Office: Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering, 2 East Alumni Avenue, Lower level suite 084, Kingston, RI 02881.

The RIN2-microFTIR policy should be reviewed completely before requesting an appointment. Contact engimg@etal.uri.edu for instrument reservation.

Shimadzu IRTracer-100 and AIM9000 microFTIR. Courtesy of Irene Andreu

The use of the facility must be acknowledged in any publications by including the following text in the Acknowledgements section: “The FTIR data was acquired at the RI Consortium for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, a URI College of Engineering core facility partially funded by the National Science Foundation EPSCoR, Cooperative Agreement #OIA-1655221.”