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URI-30 research groups:

Arijit Bose (Chemical Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM, cryoSEM, XRD, CRM. Battery materials, SERS nanoparticles, bacteria for oil degradation, soft and composite materials

Geoffrey Bothun (Chemical Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM, cryoSEM, XRD, CRM, HCS. Theranostic nanoparticles, bacteria for oil degradation, SERS substrates for analyte detection, lipid layer interactions

Daniel Roxbury (Chemical Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM, CRM, HCS. Carbon nanotubes for live-cell imaging and sensing.

Otto Gregory (Chemical Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, XRD. Thin film sensors, sputtering

Stephen Kennedy (Chemical Engineering/ Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM. Electrically, magnetically, and ultrasonically responsive biomaterials, orthopedic implant materials, electrostatic gene transfection

Samantha Meenach (Chemical Engineering/ Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences ): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM, XRD, CRM, HCS. Tumor penetrating micro- and nanoparticles for lung cancer, 3D air-grown lung cancer spheroids assay platforms

Jie Shen (Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Chemical Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM, cryoSEM, XRD. Brain and ophthalmic drug delivery, complex dosage forms.

Jyothi Menon (Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences): TEM, FE-SEM, cryoTEM, cryoSEM. Polymer and lipid-based nanoparticle drug delivery systems, nanocomposite systems for regenerative medicine

Xinyuan Chen (Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences): TEM, cryoTEM. Laser-based approaches to facilitate transdermal drug/vaccine delivery, improve vaccine safety

David Rowley (Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences): cryoSEM. Marine natural products chemistry, antibiotics drug discovery, marine microbial chemical ecology

Jodi Camberg (Cell and Molecular Biology): TEM. Molecular Mechanisms of Energy-Dependent Proteins during Essential Cell Processes, Cell division in bacteria, regulated proteolysis

Ying Zhang (Cell and Molecular Biology): CRM. Genomic and functional diversity of proteobacteria

Bethany Jenkins (Cell and Molecular Biology/ Biological oceanography): TEM. Influence of nitrogen cycling on the structure of microbial communities, Application of genomic methods to study nitrogen fixation in the marine environment, Fe redox chemistry in seawater, algal blooms

Jacqueline Webb (Biological Sciences): FE-SEM. Development and evolution of cranial sensory systems in fishes

Mindy Levine (Chemistry): SEM, TEM. Supramolecular organic chemistry, detection of small molecule toxicants

Jason Dwyer (Chemistry): SEM, TEM, CRM. Development of SERS substrates for analyte detection, nanopores

Brett Lucht (Chemistry): SEM, TEM, cryoTEM. Li-ion battery materials

Brenton DeBoef (Chemistry): FE-SEM, TEM, cryoTEM, CRM. Organic and organometallic chemistry for therapeutic applications 

Yana Reshetnyak (Physics): TEM, cryoTEM. pH sensitive peptides, lipid-based nanomaterials

Feruz Ganikhanov (Physics): FE-SEM, CRM. Ultrafast spectroscopy and nonlinear optics of two-dimensional structures, Nonlinear optical and spectroscopic imaging for bio-medical and biophysics applications, Few-optical-cycle pulses and arbitrary waveforms

Vinka Craver-Oyanedel (Civil and Environmental Engineering): TEM, FE-SEM, CRM, HCS. Nano-enabled water treatment technologies, bacteria response to biocide agents

K. Wayne Lee (Civil and Environmental Engineering): SEM. Transportation infrastructure, construction materials, pavement recycling, asphalt design

Yi Zheng (Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering): SEM. micro/nanoscale thermal transport phenomena and cooling technology, nanofibers, photonic crystals

Arun Shukla  (Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering): TEM, SEM. Fracture mechanics, composite materials, undersea vehicle technologies, experimental and theoretical mechanics, blast mitigation,  wave propagation, impact mechanics and elasticity

Constantine Anagnostopoulos (Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering): FE-SEM. Biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, CCD image sensors, microfluidics.

Mohammad Faghri (Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering): FE-SEM. Experiments and Modeling of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics in Micro Channels and development of research and technology for lab-on-a-chip devices for various microfluidic applications, Heat and fluid flow in microscale and nanoscale structures

Manbir Sodhi (Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering): TEM. Driver Safety, based on eye movement detection for focus tracking; Highly automated manufacturing systems, and Increasing sustainability of consumer products by enhancing redesign, recovery, reuse and recycling

Thomas Boving (Geosciences/ Civil and environmental Engineering): FE-SEM. Fate and transport of inorganic and organic contaminants, innovative remediation technologies, water treatment and filtration technologies

Dawn Cardace (Geosciences): CRM. Geobiology, microbe-mineral interactions, ultramafic rocks

Simon Engelhart (Geosciences): FE-SEM. Relative sea-level changes, Glacial isostatic adjustment modeling, Coastal paleoseismology and paleogeodesy, Paleoenvironmental reconstruction using micropaleontology

Academic external:

Reid Cooper (Brown University-Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences): cryoSEM. Eutectic mixtures.

Bernard Munge (Salve Regina-Chemistry): FE-SEM. Platforms for analyte sensing

Industrial users:

EaglePicher Technologies

Technic, Inc

Xilectric, Inc

Nanosoft, LLC

Dryvit Systems, Inc

NGS Detectors, LLC


Last updated: December 05, 2018