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Reservation Calendar

Calendar Guidelines

  • Getting on the approved user’s list for RIN2 equipment: This is how to get on board to use the RIN2  FE-SEM, XRD, TEM, and DLS.
    • FIRST, new users of this online scheduler must be approved and set up by the RIN2 equipment managers.  Submit the Reservation Calender Login Request and RIN2 Charge Authorization Form.
    • SECOND, schedule training sessions to get familiar with the operation, setup, specimen prep., etc., of the equipment.
    • TEM, Contact Richard Kingsley; rkingsley@uri.edu
    • FE-SEM and XRD, Contact Prof. Crisman; Crisman@uri.edu phone 4-5143, Crawford Hall room-227
    • DLS system, Prof. Bothun; gbothun@uri.edu phone 4-9518, Crawford Hall room-203
    • THIRD, For TEM, FE-SEM and XRD use there are fees imposed to support the equipment. Therefore, you must fill out and get your principal investigator/professor to sign the attached charge authorization form and then send/bring it to the Chemical Engineering office.you next need to schedule training sessions to get familiar with the operation, setup, specimen prep., etc., of the equipment.
  • Users will not be approved until adequate training has been completed for the requested equipment. ACCESS TO EQUIPMENT ACCESS WILL ONLY BE GRANTED BY RESERVATION. WALK-INS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE.
  • IMPORTANT:To insure proper operation and use of the TEM, users must contact Dr. Iftheker Khan (ikhan@uri.edu) prior to making a reservation.
  • All reservations are subject to cancellation due to equipment malfunction or servicing.
  • Please be considerate of other users and delete your reservation as soon as possible if you cannot make your appointment.

Instrument Guidelines

  • Access to the equipment rooms is controlled by card-reader door locks. Instrument use after normal work hours must be approved by the respective equipment manager.
  • Shared equipment is made available through cost centers at the rates listed below. Please contact the respective equipment manager to initiate purchase orders/payment.
    • FE-SEM     $40/$120 (internal/external)
    • TEM            $72/$111 (internal/external)
    • XRD            25/$35
    • (internal/external)
  • Instrument availability (please only sign up on designated days or obtain authorization for other days):
    • FE-SEM and XRD:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (8am to 4pm, after hours with approval)
    • TEM:  Monday to Thursday (9am to 4pm, after hours with approval)
    • DLS:  Monday through Friday (10am to 4pm, after hours with approval)


27 May 2015:  Secondary electron detector has been repaired.    System appears to be functioning properly except for the back scattered electron detector.  Please advise Prof. Crisman if you observe any problems.

15  May 2015:   The water chiller has now been repaired along with the manual joy-stick control.   The column alignment and contamination have also been addressed.   As a result the system is performing well and can be scheduled for use.    Remaining problem are the back scattered detector and the secondary electron detector.   The SE2 secondary electron detector is scheduled for repair Thursday May 21st  roughly from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. A new  BSE back scattered electron detector will have to be ordered before that is  fully functional again.  In the meantime the In-Lens detector is functioning well and can be used for both high and low resolution imaging.

23 Mar 2015: TEM Facility is back in regular operation.  




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