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Reservation Calendar

Calendar Guidelines

  • Getting on the approved user’s list for RIN2 equipment: This is how to getting on board to use the RIN2  FE-SEM, XRD, TEM, and DLS.
    • FIRST, new users of this online scheduler must be approved and set up by the RIN2 equipment managers.  Submit the Reservation Calender Login Request and RIN2 Charge Authorization Form.
    • SECOND, schedule training sessions to get familiar with the operation, setup, specimen prep., etc., of the equipment.
    • TEM, Contact Dr. Iftheker Khan; ikhan@uri.edu phone (803)404-0384, Crawford Hall room-227
    • FE-SEM and XRD, Contact Prof. Crisman; Crisman@uri.edu phone 4-5143, Crawford Hall room-227
    • DLS system, Prof. Bothun; gbothun@uri.edu phone 4-9518, Crawford Hall room-203
    • THIRD, For TEM, FE-SEM and XRD use there are fees imposed to support the equipment. Therefore, you must fill out and get your principal investigator/professor to sign the attached charge authorization form and then send/bring it to the Chemical Engineering office.you next need to schedule training sessions to get familiar with the operation, setup, specimen prep., etc., of the equipment.
  • Users will not be approved until adequate training has been completed for the requested equipment. ACCESS TO EQUIPMENT WILL ONLY BE GRANTED BY RESERVATION. WALK-INS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE.
  • IMPORTANT:To insure proper operation and use of the TEM, users must contact Dr. Iftheker Khan (ikhan@uri.edu) prior to making a reservation.
  • All reservations are subject to cancellation due to equipment malfunction or service.
  • Please be considerate of other users and delete your reservation as soon as possible if you cannot make your appointment.

Instrument Guidelines

  • Access to the equipment rooms is controlled by card-reader door locks. Instrument use after normal work hours must be approved by the respective equipment manager.
  • Shared equipment is made available through cost centers at the rates listed below. Please contact the respective equipment manager to initiate purchase orders/payment.
    • FE-SEM     $40/$120 (internal/external)
    • TEM            $72/$111 (internal/external)
    • XRD            $10/$15 (internal/external)
  • Instrument availability (please only sign up on designated days):
    • FE-SEM and XRD:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (8am to 4pm, after hours with approval)
    • TEM:  Monday to Thursday (9am to 4pm, after hours with approval)
    • DLS:  Monday through Friday (10am to 4pm, after hours with approval)


23 Mar 2015: TEM Facility is back in regular operation.  

26 FEB 2015: TEM Facility is under preventive maintenance. 

26 FEB 2015: Anyone signing up for FE-SEM must talk with Prof. Crisman or Amitesh Saha before using it to find out what needs to be  guarded against.

3 FEB 2015: SYSTEM beam alignment has been accomplished there are still a few software issues but at least it works now.

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