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New Spring Courses & Lectures

We’ve added the following courses and lectures to our spring semester!

Advance registration is required with payment (if applicable).
Please mail or bring in your check made payable to URI.
210 Flagg Rd, Room 212 Kingston RI 02881
Contact the office with any questions, 874-4197


Friday, March 24
FREE value added program for members
Please call to reserve your spot.
Presenter:  George Willis
Enjoy the music of The Boswell Sisters. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music. The Boswell Sisters were a close harmony singing group, consisting of sisters Martha Boswell Lloyd, Connee Boswell and Helvetia Boswell.

Tuesday April 4 and 11
10:00-11:30 am
$25 members only
Limited to 35 participants.
Faculty: Jim Buxton
This course will compare the electoral systems in the USA with those of such countries as France, Israel, Iran, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and others. Additionally, we will be examining the definition of democracy.

Wednesday, April 26, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
$50 members only
Limited to 10 participants.
Faculty: Frederick Chubay
Participants will engage in hands-on poker activities which will address the following areas: terminology, reading the board, outs/pot odds, importance of position, “when should I call a raise?”, bet sizing, bluffing, poker etiquette, types of poker hands, raising and re-raising, and more. Participants will be encouraged to view selected YouTube videos and engage in discourse regarding poker play. The class will culminate in a no-limit Texas Holdem tournament for which the winner will earn immense satisfaction and the admiration of their fellow players.


Thursday, April 27
$10.00 members and member guests
Presenter:  Lori Horton
What is identity theft and how does it happen?  How can you protect yourself?  How would you know if it is happening to you, and what steps do you need to ask if your identity is stolen? What are the safe – and unsafe ways to make online purchases? Is Facebook safe? Find out what you need to know about keeping your financial and personal identifying information secure in today’s digital age.

CALLING THE FUTURE BACK HOME: Stories of Cuba and the Indigenous
Friday, April 28
$10.00 members and member guests
Presenter:  Susan Letendre
Alienation and division characterize our time. When one hears of action-and-reaction in the political realm, such as was seen on Frontline’s Divided States of America, it is clear that there are large factions of our country, of our world, whose viewpoints and interpretations are so divergent as to cause us despair that we will ever find common ground. At the same time, our future is being determined by corporations who own large parts of our government, writing legislation, influencing votes, and even holding government jobs. Technological progress for the most part rushes forward absent a larger debate of the consequences to people and the rest of nature.  Where are you and I in this picture? 

This talk takes a step aside to tell stories of hope and change, of people who do not measure time by clocks, or well-being in terms of progress or growth. Can we learn from them? Many sociologists believe we can. Come, be entertained and educated, and see what you think.

Thursday, May 11
$10.00 members and member guests
Presenter: George Willis
Answers to this question abound, none comprehensive or final. However, most serious attempts include focus on the familiar idea of “farmony”, which can be defined as “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts.” We, too, will adopt this focus and, in fact, exemplify it by investigating how well these “parts” do or do not fit together in the now classic American motion picture Chinatown (1974). Participants should view the film in its entirety no more than one week prior to class. Concentrate on identifying visual, aural, and even abstract “parts” (such as themes). Be ready to explain your observations.

Tuesday, May 16
$10.00 members and member guests
Presenter:  Norman L. Zucker
Millions of people have left their homes seeking safe haven. We will discuss the variety of internally displace persons, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants – as well as the roles of the UNHCR, and individual nations (U.S., France, Germany, etc.) and prospects for the future.

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